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Feel fuller longer, shed the pounds, and keep them off. Tirzepatide programs starting at $299/month!
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The new GLP-1 breakthrough

We use approved medications to safely counteract biological factors that prevent many people from losing weight.

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A new kind of weight loss program

GLP-1 Prescription

Your clinician will prescribe medications like GLP-1s and manage your dosage.

Clinician Check-Ins

Regular check-ins with your clinician will give you a chance to keep track of your progress.

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Our Care Team is always available to answer questions and offer support.

Breakthrough weight loss treatments

“A new treatment for obesity”

“A new obesity drug could help millions of Americans”



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Easy and Pocket Friendly

"ShedRx was easy and pocket friendly. I got my compounded medication almost immediately after my appointment. I took my first shot Monday and as of Friday I'm 6lbs down! I have normal energy, no shakes or jitters, feel perfectly fine, just not hungry. This is awesome!"


Verified Customer

The Customer Service Has Been Amazing

"I highly recommend ShedRx. The customer service has been amazing. I have been taking Semaglutide/B12 for 5 weeks and have already lost 13 pounds. I am excited to continue the journey!"

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