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Frequently Asked Questions

ShedRx Health coaching is an experience specific to you and your weight-loss journey. Through professional instruction, you’ll learn the healthy habits you need to build your best body
You’ll have bi-monthly appointments with your coach will help keep you accountable and on track, getting proper counseling along the way. You’ll also have 24-hour access to messaging and video support. Throughout your Health Coaching experience, nutritional, physical, and lifestyle habits will all be covered and tailored to you.
First things first, you’ll set up an Initial Consultation through our website where you’ll meet with one of our licensed providers to discuss your personal goals, health status, and any questions you might have. Then, you’ll get paired up with the proper weight-loss medication that you and the ShedRx healthcare provider feel good about which you’ll commit to for two months. From there, your medication will arrive on your doorstep typically within 5-10 business days.